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professional chauffuers and quality vehicles

Beijing Car Service provides a wide range of quality new vehicles for rental with a professional English speaking chauffeur to ensure you get to your destination safely and on time while in Beijing.  Beijing Car Service vehicles are late models (under 3 years) and undergo regular maintenance and service checks. We have an extensive range of business sedans, luxury sedans, minivans, vans and minibuses that are fully insured and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around!  


The Passat combines the driving dynamics and interior quality that VW fans expect with the roominess, comfort and value. The new version is significantly larger than previous models with extra space, particularly in the back seat, for even a very tall westerner. It has a tight build and smooth ride. Underpinning everything in the Passat is a feel of solidity -- that "Germanness" that other automakers try so hard to imitate, the Passat feels more like an affordable version of a higher-end car.


The Audi A6L offers a level of refinement that few luxury large cars can match, with engaging performance, attractive styling and an opulent, tech-filled interior. The cabin is spacious and comfortable being stylish built with premium materials. The Audi A6L is a popular car with Chinese businessmen and senior government officials.


BMW 5-Series is an executive/mid-size luxury car with plenty of room,in addition to impressive elegance and performance. It is often considered the ultimate business vehicle: Sporty, elegant and confident – and not to mention extremely future-orientated.


The Mercedes Benz S-Class is ranked as the world's best-selling luxury sedan, and the W221 is latest generation of the S-Class. The ultimate in luxury and safety. The ideal car for the senior executive to be chauffeured around in while in China.


The Buick GL8 provides versatility and comfort for up to 6 passengers. As you are seated a little higher, this is a good vehicle for touring. In China they are often the cars are the choice of business people and government officials as they are roomy and comfortable and very practical.
6 X


The Mercedes Viano minivan provides premier comfort and luxury for a group of up to 6 passengers. A great alternative to using multiple luxury sedans for a group of 4 to 6 passengers.
6 X


The Toyota Hiace provides versatility and comfort for up to 12 passengers.
12 X


The Toyota Coaster provides good room and comfort for up to 20 passengers.
20 X
10 X