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Our driver today was fantastic! We had a great time and everything was perfect.

Ray H.

Ray H.

Analogix, Market Manager

May., 2017

Thank you Beijing Car Service for an excellent service on both trips. Very professional and comfortable journey. 

Best Regards 




Feb., 2017

Excellent service! Will be booking you for my next trip when I know the dates. Thank you so much. 

Marlene S.

, Zuora, Inc.

Jan., 2017

Thank you for the receipt and for the service you are providing.

It is truly a pleasure doing business with you and your organization.



Lidy D.

Executive Assistant to the President , Open English

Nov., 2016


My boss seems very happy with your service and I’m sure we will use your service again next time we plan a trip to China.



Michelle N.

Executive Assistant , Mycroft Holdings

Oct., 2016


Thanks for the receipt, my experience was excellent. 

I have also sent a new inquiry about a car from Tianjin to Beijing Capital Airport tomorrow morning at 11am. Thanks all. 





General Manager, Clarity Group, RUS

Mar., 2016

Thank you so much

Mr Ong was very with your limousine service.We will definitely recommend your team to our business partners.

Have a lovely day ahead,



With best regards,


Yeni L.

Personal assistant to CEO, Icuion, USA

June., 2016

Thank you!  I was very happy with all aspects of the service and will definitely use it again when next in China.

Best regards


David B.

Engineer, IBM, DEU

Dec., 2015

What a wonderful service and driver.  Was prompt and had no issues.  Will be using your service again.

Thank you!


Bonnie M.

Consultant, Meijer, UK

Nov., 2015

Thank you for the service, it was perfect.  Always refreshing to have smoth transportation whilst abroad.



Philippe G.

Manager, PTI, ESP

Oct., 2015

I wanted to say thank you for the services your company did provide me. The driver who picked my family and I up at the airport was wonderful.  I will highly recommend your company to friends traveling to Beijing.



Tom M.

Account Executive, Gateware, CAN

Sep., 2015

Just want to say the service was brilliant!! The driver was excellent. Thank you.

Kindest regards,


John K.

Director of Sales, Enting Water, UK

Aug., 2015

My client said that his time in Beijing with the driver was the BEST excursion of his whole trip.  He was very complimentary about the service he received. 


Carol Ann

Carol Ann.

Account Executive, Gambol, USA

Jun., 2015

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt and professional service.  Our driver was on time, professionally dressed, clean and spacious van…..everything that was advertised.  Thank you for a smooth, professional and easy experience.

Best Regards,


Greg H.

Manager, PMI, USA

Apr., 2015

Thanks for the great service.  I plan to book again for my next trip.  It was worth it especially for the short time there. I would recommend you to anyone going there. 

Best Regards, 


Bill K.

Sales Manager, Kode, USA

Mar., 2015

A colleague recommended your service to me and I am very pleased he did.  The convenience of the service made my trip much less stressful than it could have been.  Thanks again.



Roger M.

Account Executive, Fluor, MEX

Feb., 2015

Just to let you know I thought your driver was excellent yesterday.  He was at the gates on time and I arrived at the airport in 25 minutes! 

I couldn't ask for better service.  Thank you and I will be using your service again in the future!!



Helen J.

Independent Contractor, USA

Mar., 2015

Thank you so much for the great service you and your company have provided to us.  I have recommended you to my colleagues.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


Lucy R.

Manager, BonTon, USA

Jan., 2015