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Anna Zheng | Jan 17, 2018

5 Options For Your Beijing Airport Transfer

Whether it is to visit an annual trade show or to see the Great Wall of China, millions of travelers fly into Beijing every year. It is paramount, however, for those visiting to understand where the area they are arriving and where they need to go when traveling to a city so spread out, with congestion on public transport so severe, and traffic jams on roads so long. Below is a guide to the 5 options for your Beijing Airport transfer with tips to help you decide which is best for you.

Beijing airport transfer by car with driver

Where Are You Headed?

Whether you are visiting as a tourist or making a connection for a business trip, it is highly advised for travelers to be aware of where they are exactly headed in Beijing and how best to get there from the airport. Below is a guide to the most common destinations for travelers visiting the nation’s capital.

  • Downtown – The downtown of Beijing can be considered to be The Forbidden City and the immediate surrounding area. The historical center of the city is situated in the heart of Dongcheng District, which itself is in the middle of Beijing.
  • Beijing Railway Station – Beijing Railway Station is located in the southeast of the central Dongcheng district. Once the largest train station in the country, it has since been overtaken in importance by Beijing South and Beijing West, but still services trains to cities such as Dalian, Qingdao, Nanjing, and Shanghai.
  • Beijing South Railway Station - Situated south of the city center in Fengtai district, the Beijing South Railway Station is the largest in the city. It operates as the terminus for high-speed trains from both Tianjin and Shanghai.
  • Beijing West Railway Station – Beijing West Railway Station is also located in Fengtai district, but around 10 kilometers north west of Beijing South Railway Station. It is the city’s terminus for trains destined for western and southwestern cities such as Urumqi, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Lhasa.


1. Beijing Airport Transfer By Airport Express

  • Cost: RMB25
  • Comfort & Convenience: 4/10
  • Journey Time To Downtown: Further Connection Required
  • Journey Time To Beijing Railway Station: Further Connection Required
  • Journey Time To Beijing South Railway Station: Further Connection Required
  • Journey Time To Beijing West Railway Station: Further Connection Required


Beijing Airport operates an Airport Express service to connect with the city. Passengers can board at either Terminal 2 or 3 and the train stops at Dongzhimen, interchange with subways lines 2 and 13, and Sanyuanqiao, interchange with subway line 10.



  • The Airport Express is conveniently accessible at Beijing Airport with stops at both Terminals 2 and 3. The service is also made tourist friendly by having all signs and all announcements in both Chinese and English.



  • The biggest disadvantage of the Airport Express is that it quite simply  does not stop to any of the final destinations of any of the travelerswho would potentially use it. With just two stations, neither of which are located near the city center, the Beijing Express is not an option for those in search of a direct airport transfer.
  • For travelers who have luggage, the Airport Express is especially inconvenient when required to transfer to another form of transport. Dragging a suitcase from train to train makes for a stressful and exhausting airport transfer.



If you carry a lot of luggage, or just short on time during your business trip, it is recommended to arrange an airport pickup in advance. 

Our English-speaking driver will pick you up from Beijing airport, help you with luggage and drop you safely at your desired destination in Beijing.

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2. Beijing Airport Transfer By Subway

bejijng airport transfer

  • Cost: RMB25-35
  • Comfort & Convenience: 6/10


  • Journey Time To Downtown: 1 Hour 40 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing Railway Station: 1 Hour 30 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing South Railway Station: 1 Hour 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing West Railway Station: 2 Hours


If passengers choose to ride the Airport Express, they will only be able to reach the outskirts of the city, and to travel further, will be required to take the subway further. The Beijing subway system links up with most parts of the city through its 22 lines and 370 stations.



  • The Beijing subway has developed over the years to meet the needs of both tourists and business travelers. Both sets of visitors should be able to find a line that stops where they are headed or at least nearby.
  • All announcements are made and all signs are posted in both Chinese and English on the Beijing subway. For newcomers that do not understand Chinese, the bilingual subway system can help make the whole experience less overwhelming.



  • It is without a doubt that the Beijing subway can be a convenient way of traveling around the city for some tourists, but for those on a tight schedule or rushing for a connection, it is not the most time efficient way of transferring from the airport. One case in point is that it takes 2 hours to reachBeijing South Railway Station from Beijing Airport by subway, while by car it only takes 55 minutes.
  • Moreover, travelers should take note that Beijing Airport transfers will almost certainly involve at least one change over. Changing trains can be overwhelming in a city you do not know and the walks between lines at some stations are long, especially if you are carrying luggage.
  • The Beijing subway is busy at all time of the day and week, but at rush hour in the mornings and evenings, it becomes dangerously overcrowded. Travelers should at all costs avoid attempting an airport transfer on the subway at these times. When a passenger has just traveled halfway across the world, the last thing they want is to be squashed in an overcrowded subway carriage and trying to hold on to their luggage.


3. Beijing Airport Transfer By Bus

Guangzhou airport transfer

  • Cost: RMB20-27
  • Comfort & Convenience: 5/10


  • Journey Time To Downtown: 2 Hour 30 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing Railway Station: 2 Hour 10 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing South Railway Station: 2 Hour 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing West Railway Station: 2 Hour Mins


Travelers can avoid the Airport Express and subway altogether by choosing to take a bus from the airport directly into the city.



  • With most fares ranging from RMB20-27, riding the bus is one the most cost-effective ways to transferfrom Beijing Airport to the rest of the city.
  • The Beijing Airport has buses running to all over the city so that passengers should be able to find the airport transfer for them.



  • The issue, however, is most of Beijing is only accessible from the airport because each bus operates with so many stops. Journeys that by bus may take over one hour and a half can be driven in 45 minutes by using a private car service.
  • While the Beijing subway system boasts English signs and announcements, the same cannot be said of the city’s public bus system. Unless travelers have a strong command of Chinese, they will struggle to keep track of which bus is heading where and what stop to get off at.
  • Most buses have limited luggage space and those with heavy suitcases after a long haul flight may struggle to find space. During rush hour, the buses can become extremely overcrowded and those with luggage are strongly advised to avoid riding the bus altogether at this time.


4. Beijing Airport Transfer By Taxi

  • Cost: RMB100-150
  • Comfort & Convenience: 7/10

Beijing airport transfer by taxi

  • Journey Time To Downtown: 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing Railway Station: 40 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing South Railway Station: 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing West Railway Station: 55 Mins


If you do not wish to risk riding the bus or to navigate the station changes of the subway, there is a rank outside the airport with taxis ready to take you into the city.



  • Treat yourself to a modicum of privacy by choosing to complete your Beijing airport transfer by car. In a taxi, you can finally appreciate being alone after a long flight surrounded by others.
  • Do not subject yourself to the stresses and aggravation of riding the subway or bus for your Beijing airport transfer. With a taxi, you can store your luggage safely in the boot and relax in the back of the car, even if the city outside is in the middle of rush hour.



  • While taking a taxi certainly has its advantages, one of its biggest disadvantages is that there is no guarantee you will be able to find out upon arrival at Beijing airport. The taxi ranks are known be busy and the queues to get long.After a long day of traveling, another queue is the very last thing that most travelers wish to see.
  • Another significant issue that should not be overlooked when considering using a taxi for your airport transfer, is that almost no taxi drivers can speak English. Simple actions such as explaining where you want to go or asking the price can be impossible when using a taxi in Shanghai.
  • Arguably the biggest issue with using a taxi for your Beijing airport transfer is the threat that visitors face from taxi scams. Those who are traveling to Beijing are recommended to be vigilant against drivers who refuse to use their meters while also to watch out for rigged meters and drivers who drive the longer way intentionally to drive up the fare. Admittedly, for newcomers to Shanghai, it can be hard to know the last scam is occurring if you do not know the city.


5. Beijing Airport Transfer By Private Car

Beijing airport pickup

  • Cost: Check Online For Competitive Rates
  • Comfort & Convenience: 9/10
  • Journey Time To Downtown: 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing Railway Station: 40 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing South Railway Station: 50 Mins
  • Journey Time To Beijing West Railway Station: 55 Mins


For those looking for the finest in comfort and convenience simply rent a car in Beijing and enjoy a VIP meet and assist service at Beijing Airport. You will be greeted by an English speaking driver, who will take you wherever you need to go to in Beijing.


  • Business travelers who rent a car in Beijing can enjoy the convenience of being greeted directly for their Beijing airport pickup. Whether it is to visit The Forbidden City or meet with a client, a private car with a driver in Beijing will drop you at the doorstep of your next appointment.
  • Travelers can find a selection of services that offer car rental in Beijing and boast a wide choice of car to select from. Whether you are traveling alone looking for a Mercedes S-Class or in a group and need a minivan, you can book your vehicle in advance.
  • When travelers rent a car with a driver in Beijing, they can also enjoy the benefits of a VIP fast-track service at Beijing Airport. You will be greeted at the gate by an English speaking and friendly concierge who will help you quickly get through immigration, customs and to your driver. A customs fast-track service in Beijing helps to cut down on time and reduce stress.
  • Visitors in Beijing who decide to take a taxi for their airport transfer are putting themselves at risk of being cheated. Protect yourself from these taxi scams and book a car in Beijing in advance. Visitors will also be able to relax knowing that their driver can speak English just in case there are adjustments to the itinerary or if any problems arise.



  • Admittedly, there are cheaper airport transfer options, but the advantages of when you rent a car in Beijing are well worth the money spent. Without a doubt, it is the fastest and least stressful choice for your Beijing Airport transfer.Save yourself a great deal of time and stress by choosing to go with a private car service when booking your airport transfer in Beijing.



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