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Tourist Scams

15 Top Tourist Scams in Beijing and Ways To Avoid Them

With iconic landmarks such as The Great Wall Of China, The Forbidden City, and The Summer Palace, it’s no surprise that 140 million Chinese visitors and 4.4 million international visitors came to Beijing last year. [...]
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Cruise Stopover

7 Ways To Spend Time During A Cruise Stopover In Beijing

For tourists who have a cruise stopover in Beijing, they will find no shortage of landmarks to visit and tours to take part in. Beijing is a large city and the most popular tourist attractions [...]
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Airport Transfer

5 Options For Your Beijing Airport Transfer

Whether it is to visit an annual trade show or to see the Great Wall of China, millions of travelers fly into Beijing every year. It is paramount, however, for those visiting to understand where the area they are [...]
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Top 10 Luxury Restaurants In Beijing

Whether visiting for a trade show or in transit for a flight, many business travelers find themselves in Beijing with some time to explore the city and the cuisine it has to offer. The nation’s capital boasts a wide [...]
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Beijing To Tianjin

4 Best Ways To Get From Beijing To Tianjin Cruise Port

Whether it's a romantic getaway or for a family holiday on the sea, many travelers plan a cruise trip that calls at Tianjin Cruise Port. The cruise terminal may be located some 180 miles from [...]
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